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The Lincolnshire Regency Society

We are a non-profit-making organisation interested in the history and culture of the Regency period. 

The Regency period dates from 1811 when King George III was considered unfit to reign, and the heir to the throne, George-Augustus-Frederick was named Prince Regent to rule in his stead until the death of the King in 1820.

The Regency 'era' is considered to be the years 1795- 1837, an era distinguished by its elegance of fashion and architecture, a certain flamboyancy of culture,  and the enduring popularity of the novels of Jane Austen. 

Our society aims to promote interest in, and enthusiasm for, all aspects of Regency culture, notably dance, music, dress, literature and history.

We hold events and Balls throughout the year, in particular The Lincolnshire Regency festival held in May.

We have dance classes held regularly at venues in the North of Lincolnshire. Regency dance is suitable for adults of all ages new members are always welcome. 

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